The effect of damper on cabinet basket

2020-04-02 00:00

Damping in furniture hardware is the most used is the use of cabinets and doors, first look at the use of cabinet damper. Cabinet damper mainly uses damping slide rail, which is generally made of stainless steel cabinet pull basket. With stainless steel as the main material to create the main body of the cabinet pull basket, the damper is installed on the sliding track of the cabinet pull basket, which works together with the buffer gear. When the cabinet is pulled out, it plays the role of shock absorption, and the pulling is more smooth. The whole cabinet has a reasonable design of multiple bowls and baskets, which can be used to store different kitchen utensils such as bowls, spoons and chopsticks.

What is the action damping of sliding door damper? The function of sliding door damper is introduced, and the damper on the door is generally used on sliding door. There are three kinds of damper for sliding door: mechanical damper, pneumatic damper and hydraulic damper. When you apply a force to the sliding door, the damper acts as a reaction force. When the door is opened, it can automatically close after the door is opened to ensure that the door will not hit the door frame. In the display of the door design drawing < / a > above, there are two kinds of doors: sliding door and common sliding door. With the use of damper, the door can be pushed and pulled more conveniently. At the same time, the mute function of the damper makes the door switch closed without harsh sound. There are many different damper hardware building materials brand styles on the market, you can choose no damper according to your needs. It can be found that although the shape of damper is relatively small, it can play a big role in our life, bring convenience to our life and create a very comfortable home environment.