Great effect of wardrobe damper

2020-04-02 00:00

People who have used the wardrobe know that the closet door is easy to hit the side panel and bounce back, leaving small cracks, and easy to get into cockroaches and other small animals, and the importance of damper is here. As long as the cabinet door touches the wardrobe damper, it will slowly lean against the side plate, which can effectively prevent the cabinet door from rebounding and not closing tightly. At the same time, it can prevent us from damaging the wardrobe by using too much force when closing the cabinet door.

The damper is also used in the drawers in the cabinet. Compared with the drawers without damping, we don't need to worry about the huge impact noise caused by the excessive force after installing the damper, and at the same time, it can prevent the hand from being accidentally pinched.

Because the damper is added to the upper rail of the cabinet door, there is no need to install a locator on the lower rail. The track without the locator will push and pull more smoothly, and protect the lower pulley to prevent rail jumping. The lower rail is a groove, which is easy to hide dirt. It is easy to cause rail jumping when entering foreign matters. It should be noted that because such a lower rail is easy to cause rail jumping, it is better not to install positioner, and it is better to refit damper.

Installation skills of wardrobe damper

Damper and hinge are matched. Different brands can not be combined due to different process sizes.

Suggestion: replace the hinge with damping directly.

Requirements: the technological requirements of the hinge should match the original hinge.

Cause: hinge hole in door panel. The screw hole on the side plate of the cabinet should be covered, otherwise it would be very ugly.